About Us

Bechard’s Sugar House was established in 1998 by Marvin and his father Maurice who originally produced syrup from sap pulled from only 300 taps on Marvin’s property in West Chazy, NY. Marvin and his father worked alongside one another until 2004 when Maurice passed away following an 8 month battle with pancreatic cancer. Marvin and his father took great pride in their product and shared many happy moments together producing maple syrup from those original 300 taps.

Then in 2008 Marvin was married to Tammy. Fortunately for Marvin, Tammy possessed a strong desire to participate and grow what was still “just a hobby” of Marvin’s. Tammy loved the outdoors and was eager to learn the process of creating maple syrup as well as expand the production to include other products such as maple sugar, cream, and maple sugar shapes. Together with help from their children, siblings, and other family they spent many days clearing sugar bushes and expanding the business. That hard work showed in 2008 when Marvin had increased his tap count from only 300 to 1,450 taps.

Given his skill as a building contractor Marvin effortlessly designed and built the original sugar house which remains intact on his property today but with all the expansion over the years Marvin built a larger sugar house in 2013 to adapt to his growing business.

What began as a hobby in 1998 has since developed into a business with a current count of 6300 taps. It is his unrelenting work ethic and a supportive family that has allowed Marvin to grow this business while also owning and operating his construction business as a building contractor, which has been in operation since 1994.

Tammy and Marvin participate in NYS Maple Weekend the last two weekends of March every year with family which comes in from as close as down the road and as far as California to help during maple season.

Owners: Marvin Bechard and wife, Tammy Pinsonneault-Bechard